Photo by Jenny Jimenez
April In Print
"I came into my identity as both an artist and a parent at the same time..."
A poem by Ed Skoog.
There is a brand-new indie label in town.

Most Recent

Siolo Thompson straddles science, sci-fi and fine art.
Golden Space performed at Bedroom Eyes, a concert on a bed.
Mirah performed at the Terrorbird Publishing Showcase at...
Ana Maria Pinto da Silva digs into ideas with provocative...
As legal pot transitions from medical to recreational, the...
Billy opened No Parking on Pike six years ago.
Kinetic artist Casey Curran captures a building’s eco-goals...
Low Hums unleash Northwest-bred desert rock.

Things Are Changing!

Instead of doing this year, we've decided to spread the fun throughout the year. We'll borrow the most unique parts of the fest to create a series of events that celebrate the vibrant local arts community. Stay Tuned! Tell me more